D. Aiken Photography

Photography by Dalton Aiken

Dalton AikenDalton Aiken- “It all started with just one simple picture taken on my camera phone, that picture led to another and another. Soon after I bought a small point and shoot camera and began to go out and photograph the world around me. No matter how many pictures I took though it was never enough I always wanted to get a better one. I saved and worked and within 6 months I had bought my first DSLR.

Although my pictures have won awards and been recognized it is still not enough in my eyes, I am a perfectionist and I think that in this business you have to be in order to do well, you must pay attention to every detail and strive to capture a photo that will be remembered by everyone who views it.”

Dalton Aiken

“I have traveled all across Texas photographing anything that I see. Most of my work has been around Central Texas, but I have traveled to Austin and Nacogdoches and many other places in an attempt to discover the un-known. People pass by photographic opportunities in their everyday lives and that is why I do what I do, I want to be the photography that opens peoples’ eyes and show them the world. I love what I do and if I had the choice I would be out shooting every second of the day, my hope is that my love and passion of the art will come through in the photos that I take and spark an emotion inside the viewer.”

“In March of 2012, at age seventeen, I started my own photography business, D.Aiken Photography, and since then have won numerous awards including Grand Champion at the North Texas State Fair and First Place at the Texas State Fair.”

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