Linda Miller


Linda Miller


“I appreciate art in its many manifestations from abstract to representational. Whether a piece is done in paint, clay, textile, or metal, I am awed by the way the artist manipulates the medium to express a vision that is unique and beautiful. Art is a powerful medium. It can move and inspire us, as well as alienate and offend us. It has the ability to reach us emotionally and intellectually, often simultaneously. My life has been enriched by the genius and creative expression of thousands of artist through many forms of art.” -Linda Miller

Texas artist Linda Miller is the fourth generation in her family to live in the small community of Paluxy in Hood County located in north central Texas. Though she did not grow up in Paluxy, her roots and sentiments about the area run deep. She and her husband John built their home overlooking the Paluxy valley over a decade ago. They are the parents of one daughter and grandparents to three grandchildren. Miller was born in Dallas and has spent most of her life in the state of Texas. Drawing and painting have been part of her life for as long as she can remember.


“The margins of my school and meeting notes were filled with sketches of people, animals, abstract designs, and anything else that interested me. If I have a pen or pencil and paper I will draw.”

Her mother, who was also an artist, encouraged Miller to pursue her interest in art. “Earlier in my marriage when family finances were tight, my mother paid for art classes, bought my art supplies, and watched my young daughter so I could attend art classes. She was a mentor mother, and I will be grateful forever for her encouragement. She was an artist herself and tried to pave the way for me with opportunities which she gave me.”

Linda Miller has painted in watercolor and acrylic, but currently paints in oil. She also loves to draw. Miller has studied with local and nationally known artists. In college she took art classes for electives at every opportunity and even spent a semester studying architecture. She loves painting landscapes, portraits, still life, and architecture (including several paintings of the old grist mill on the Paluxy River). In 2007 Miller retired from teaching. She currently teaches art to students twelve years and up in her studio in Tolar, Texas.

“My philosophy of art is simple. For me art is all about the process. I love the physical activity of creating a piece of art. When I am working on a painting or drawing, I think about it all the time. I fall asleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it. I wonder how to get the effect I am after and how other artists have succeeded where I struggle. I strive to be ‘in the zone,’ that place where time and other distractions disappear, and I am completely absorbed by the artistic process.” –Linda Miller

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